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Mon - Thurs 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
EcoSuperior, 562 Red River Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


We are proud that we can offer CAN-BIKE accredited courses. CAN-BIKE is an awesome program and we have worked with them for many years. CAN-BIKE is a program designed and overseen by Cycling Canada

All of our instructors are certified by CAN-BIKE to teach bike safety. Being a CAN-BIKE instructors provides them with the tools and resources to run safe, effective courses. The program is taught in a building-block style: the next step is only taken if the previous skill was mastered. This helps ensure the safety of all participants. 

Finally, by working with CAN-BIKE we are able to offer successful candidates of our instructor training program a Canada-wide accreditation to teach cycling courses, which means they can teach in other parts of Canada as well.

What Safe Cycling Thunder Bay offers