Our Instructors

Caroline Cox

Caroline CoxIf you want to book a cycling course, I’m the person you’ll talk to! I became an instructor so that I could better support Safe Cycling’s participants and instructors.

Becoming an instructor made me confident in my knowledge of road safety. I’m also very proud of the knowledge I’ve gained about bike mechanics and I love using my new knowledge to teach others. 

I like to have easy, relaxed rides. I also enjoy throwing my tent into a pannier and going for cycling tours if distances are short and there are lots of opportunities to picnic and smell the flowers. 

Iris Reynolds

IrisI like to share my enthusiasm and interest in promoting safe cycling in Thunder Bay. I especially like teaching older adults and women, as cycling is empowering. I like to see seniors and women be more independent, skilled and safe on the streets. 

I have been cycling for 30 years and  enjoy long distance cycling and self-supported tours from 1 week to 1 month, often travelling to international destinations for some very interesting trips. 

I prefer riding in the country.




Leanne Coward


I like to help other cycle safer in Thunder Bay. Cycling is fun and healthy for individuals and good for the environment.Feeling confident and safe while cycling only adds to the enjoyment. 

I have been cycling since I was eight years old. I have been a cycling commuter now for over a decade and love helping others find confidence to ride anywhere! 

I like being on multi-use pathways with my young family!



Ashley Stokkermans


I really love biking and have a passion for cycling safety. I became an instructor because I wanted to be able to assist other cyclists in feeling more comfortable and competent on their bikes.

I have been cycling since the age of three. For eight years, I lived on the west coast and taught budding cyclists to ride a bike and  also raced downhill mountain bikes. I love teaching all safe cycling courses, but my favourite is level 4.

I mostly ride on the road these days, but my favourite place to ride is Shuniah Mines.   

Simon Hoad


When I retired, I became a CAN-Bike Instructor for practical reasons: to improve my own safety and confidence in traffic and to continually encourage myself to be more active. 

I bought my first bike at age nine with paper route profits.  The CAN-BIKE training I took in 2011 made me feel much safer on the road and I want others to enjoy the same confidence in traffic. I opens up the entire city.

I am a destination cyclist and visit the dentist on the other side of town or visit friends. I tour the cycling paths and scenic streets on every trip. 


Ken Shields


I decided to become an instructor for Safe Cycling Thunder Bay to encourage people to just bike! 

I like seeing people's skills raised so quickly, within a couple of hours, using the proven Safe Cycling methods. It is so gratifying to see them get more comfortable on the streets!

I mostly ride in Thunder Bay, commuting, shopping and visiting, and also ride some recreational trails, time permitting. We have a tandem so my wife and I can have fun while shopping around town with a bike trailer. 



Kaela Stradiotto


I am an avid cyclist, and love the freedom, autonomy, energy and interaction cycling through the community provides. I like to be part of helping more people feel safe and to see people of all ages gain confidence in their cycling.

I love working with women and children especially. When people have a comfortable setting to take some risks, they often surprise themselves with what they can accomplish! 

I cycle often as a commuter, but my favourite kind of cycling takes me to a place to hike or swim around this gorgeous area we call home.  



Ingrid de Oude


As a webdesigner, I often work inside and by myself, but being a Safe Cycling Instructor allows me to teach and do something else I really enjoy: riding my bike!

I grew up in the Netherlands, where cycling is just part of life. I always rode my bike to school, as there are no school buses. By teaching young kids how to cycle safely, I can give them the freedom of riding their bike to school, too. 

My favourite place to ride is Silver Harbour and basically anywhere close to a lake, the ocean or through quaint villages anywhere in the world. 


Bernice Parent


I want to be an example to my two young grandchildren to cycle safely and be active. The cycling courses I did to become an instructor improved my own skills.

I taught elementary school for approximately 26 years and have been cycling with friends for years. I really enjoy teaching cycling courses at, for example, Roots for Harvest and George Jeffrey's.

I like road biking and especially riding the country roads around Thunder Bay. Keweenaw Peninsula in Wisconsin and Quebec are also lovely places to ride.