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One thing we do is making sure there is an active group of local instructors that believe in the need to teach cycling skills to people of all ages and all skill levels. This means that we offer high-level training that gives successful participants a Nationally certified accreditation through CAN-BIKE.

What does that look like?

We typically offer these courses in the spring during weekends. The first weekend we teach an intense cycling course to the particpants themselves. This means we have in-class and outdoor sessions going over rules of the road and safe-cycling principles and practice the skills you eventually will be teaching your students.

The next course weekend is usually a few weeks later and will go over you as an instructor. What is the best way to give instructions? How do you deal with timid students? What is it like to talk in front of an audience?

Finally, you will be tested on the skills you learned and based on your test results, we will give you a certificate to teach at a certain level or we will offer you a way to re-do part of the examination.

What does it offer me?

Not only will you meet likeminded people with a love for cycling and teaching, you will also learn valuable skills such as giving instruction and more effective ways to choose your words when you are standing in front of an audience. After you start volunteering some hours as as safe-cycling instructor, you will gain some valuable experience in the work field. Often our master instructors are asked to act as a reference for employment applications, as they will really get to know you and the many skills you have in you.
Other than that, cycling is a fun thing to do, even an activity that evokes good memories in most people. Helping participants to improve their cycling skills or cycling along with participants in courses and events, brings out smiles in almost everyone. It never really feels like work. You do get paid $20 per hour for instruction time, so it may help your budget a bit too, but expect to put in some volunteer hours as well.

Are you considering applying?

Head over to our instructor training page to find out contact information, FAQs and some more details.