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We offer bike-related events that are open to anyone who is interested. The dates are publicly advertised.

Although some CAN-BIKE curriculum is often included, our bike-related events are mainly organized to show the general public the joy of working on a bike, riding a bike and exploring the beautiful areas in and around Thunder Bay by bike. If there is some active bike-riding during the event, bike safety is always covered by a CAN-BIKE certified instructor at the start of the ride, but it is not the main focus.

A great example of a bike-related event are Discovery Rides. The most fun way to discover Thunder Bay!

Led by tour guides and cycling instructors, these 8-10 km tours show you the best places to ride in Thunder Bay. Participants will also practice group riding and learn to conduct safety checks on their equipment. The leisurely pace is suitable for children age 10+, parents pulling bike trailers, and 55+ participants. We advertise these rides as much as possible and anyone with a bike and suitable bike helmet can sign up.

In some cases we decide to open up a course, such as the one for 55+ cycling enthusiasts, and advertise it as a public event. So if the word “course” is mentioned in an event description, you now know why!

This is in contrast to our CAN-BIKE courses that are typically booked by a school, group, business or family and are not advertised to the general public. However, feel free to get together with family, friends and neighbours to book a course with us! Email for more information about courses.

Where to find out more

To find out more about what events we may have in store for you, check out our events page! If you are a Thunder bay and area bike group and you have an upcoming cycling related event, feel free to ask us to add it to our list.

Are you a school, business, community group or a family interested in a private Safe Cycling course? Please contact for more information.