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We are looking for passionate people who want to teach others how to ride safely. Join our fantastic team of certified cycling instructors! With funding from the City of Thunder Bay, we are proud to offer CAN-BIKE Instructor training free of cost.

Our instructors provide an invaluable service to our community. They help citizens learn how to ride knowledgeably and confidently. They help make our roads safer for all users. They set the standard for cycling skills and etiquette.

If you are looking to develop an important skillset, be a community leader, and get paid to teach cycling courses, apply to become a Safe Cycling Instructor today!

Questions? Check out our updated 2023 Document and FAQ below. Still have questions? Email 
The next Safe Cycling Training dates are in April and May 2023. Contact us to apply!


What level of cycling skills do I need to have?
Participants should have some previous cycling experience. Experience may include
commuting, recreational riding, bike touring, mountain biking, or road biking. Please
highlight your cycling experience in your letter of interest.

I don’t have a ton of cycling experience, but I do have experience teaching kids and/or
adults. Should I still apply?

YES! If you have some recreational riding experience and you are passionate about
teaching, we encourage you to apply. The first section of the instructor training is skills-
focused, so everyone in the course will be able to improve any weak points well before
they begin teaching. Please highlight your teaching experience in your letter of interest.

What requirements do I need to meet to teach?
Instructors are required to have the following to teach:
 CAN-BIKE Level 4 course completion
 CAN-BIKE Level 5 course completion
 Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check
 Valid First Aid (1-day Emergency First Aid is the minimum requirement)
 Valid CAN-BIKE Instructor membership

I am not available to attend all course dates. Should I still apply?

It depends.
If you are available for CAN-BIKE Level 4: Advanced Cycling Skills but not for the Level 5:
Instructor Workshop dates, we encourage you to apply and complete Level 4. You can
complete Level 5 at a later date if necessary.
If you are available for CAN-BIKE Level 5: Instructor Workshop but not for Level 4:
Advanced Cycling Skills, we do not encourage you to apply this year. You will not be
allowed to take Level 5 without the Level 4 prerequisite.

If you need to miss more than .5 days of either course, email to
see whether your request can be accommodated.

Once I am a certified instructor, what additional training will I receive?

We provide our instructors with the support that they need by offering opportunities to
improve their skill sets and receive mentorship. New instructors are mentored for the
first year that they teach, and they do not deliver courses alone until they are very
comfortable. Even for experienced instructors, most courses are team taught.

Once I am a certified instructor, how much am I expected to teach?
We expect instructors to teach a minimum of six hours per cycling season. Some courses
are offered during the school day, while others are offered during evenings or
Instructors can make their own hours: some instructors teach a handful of courses each
year, while other instructors take on more courses.
The number of courses offered each week varies. May and June tend to have the most
teaching opportunities, with up to 12 courses/week offered during Bike Month in
elementary schools. July, August, and September are slower, and 1-5 courses tend to be
offered each week. On average, courses last 2-4 hours.

How much are instructors paid?
$20/hour for teaching time. Similar to teaching in other sports, prep, setup, and
takedown are not paid.