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We want young participants to have the skills they need to form healthy and environmentally-friendly habits for life! That’s why our most popular courses are for kids. Check below for our course offerings. To book, email or call 624-2140. 


Upcoming courses: This course is available by request. To book, email or call 624-2140. Spring dates fill up, so book early! 
Skills or equipment that I need: A screen and projector are required. No additional equipment is required, but students may bring helmets from home.
Leaning Objectives: Participants will learn safe riding theory and safety check on bicycling equipment.

$100/group, or free if taught by a school nurse

Checking helmet fit


Upcoming courses: This course is available upon request. Please contact
Who should take this course? Children or adults who want to learn to balance, pedal, and steer on a bicycle. This course is taught at a 1:1 teacher to student ratio, ensuring that new learners have the instructor’s full attention. Most cycling instructors have experience working with individuals with disabilities. 
Skills or equipment that I need: Participants should bring their bike, helmet, and water.

$90 per participant (includes up to three hours of instruction time)