Virtual Adult Courses

Virtual Adult Workshops

Want to improve your cycling skills and knowledge? Attend an upcoming cycling course! This 6-week series is designed for beginner to intermediate cyclists. From equipment safety checks to mapping to gearing, our virtual workshops offer something for everyone!

  • The essential bike safety check: ABC Quick Check This virtual course makes bike mechanics accessible to anyone. Learn how to prevent mechanical failure--in just one minute before each ride! The ABC Quick Check is designed as an easy and fast way to identify red flags. You'll learn how to check the safety of your bike's major components: air and wheels, brakes, bars, crank, chain, quick release, and loose parts.
  • Urban riding fundamentals: Where to ride on the road, safe equipment, and Thunder Bay's active transportation network This virtual course teaches the fundamentals of riding in Thunder Bay. You'll get an overview of bike and helmet safety, review Thunder Bay's cycling infrastructure such as shared lanes, bike lanes, and multi-use trails, learn the safe cycling principles of Manouverability, Visibility, Predictability, and Communication, and figure out how to put the principles into practice on a variety of on-road situations.
  • The nitty-gritty: Cleaning your bike Got gunk in your chain? Dirt in your derailleur? Designed for beginner and intermediate cyclists, this virtual course will show you how to keep your bike clean, get gunk out of hard-to-reach places, and extend the life of your bike components. 
  • Mapping your route: Planning creative and low-traffic routes for urban and rural riding. Our instructors have years of experience planning interesting cycling routes for our themed tour series and our personal riding. We'll show you what it takes to create a great cycling route! We'll cover how to plan your route to minimize traffic, teach you tricks to find the best places to ride in your neighbourhood and beyond, and show you how to use Google Maps to draw your route.
  • Refine your ride: Effective gearing, braking, and hill riding for commuting and touring Optimize your ride! Many people are befuddled by gearing, but it's easy to get the hang of! You'll learn how gears work, most common gear combinations, low versus high gearing, and shifting in advance. We'll also cover braking techniques. A follow-up, in-person session will be offered, Covid restrictions permitting.
  • Multi-day cycling touring: Planning your trip, selecting gear, and trip highlights. From selecting gear to planning your route, learn how to travel your region and the world through cycling touring. Instructors will share inspiration from their own trips.