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Wear a Helmet – Love your brain!

Did you know a helmet can prevent up to 90% of serious head injuries?

Wearing a helmet while cycling is the best idea for everyone of any age or skill level. It is also the law for anyone under the age of 18 to wear a helmet. Cycling helmets can range in price, but the best ones are ones that are worn properly. 

Does your helmet fit? Use the 2 V 1 method to make sure you have a good fit for the best noggin protection!


2 fingers above your eyebrows to the bottom of your helmet. Take second and third finger together to your eyebrows, the front of your helmet should just be touching the top of your second finger.


V Four fingers to make a “V” shape around the bottom of your ears. Take your second and third finger and make a “V” or peace sign on each hand. Place your fingers at the bottom of your ears. This is where your helmet straps should sit around your ears.


1 One finger under the strap beneath your chin. Take one finger and stick it between the bottom of your and the done-up strap of your helmet. There should be just enough room for one finger, not too loose to fit more and not to tight where you can’t fit in-between.

Proper size

As a helmet’s fit is crucial to its effectiveness, don’t buy a larger helmet to grow into. Helmets should fit snuggly and will need to be changed if a cyclist’s head grows.

No hat

In cooler weather, you’ll want to bundle up as you cycle but don’t be tempted to wear a hat under your helmet. This will change the fit of the helmet and can impact the effectiveness of your helmet.

No stickers

Lastly, there is no denying that helmets are cool. We know it, you know it. Their coolness factor is based on how well they protect your head, not how they look. Although it may be tempting jazz up the look of your helmet with decorations or stickers, they can hide cracks in your helmet or break down the plastic. It is best to leave those to other pieces of your cycling attire.

Happy safe cycling!

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